Home cooking brought to you by
Home cooking brought to you by
6w ago

Christmas last December.. I bought 1kl. pack of SPAGHETTI NOODLES but I only planned to use half kl. of that.. so the other half was kept in the cabinet...
Then a wk. ago.. decided to cook/bake fam favorite pizza.. Chef Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients Deep Pan Pizza ..in which SAUSAGES are included...what I did was to make a thin slices on both ends so I could crush out the meat fr. the skin.. but I never threw those ends away ..I put them in a small container and kept in the freezer ..and those were the slices of sausages you see in that picture < left >
And last Thursday.. I cooked Garlic Parsley Butter Shrimp and we have 6pcs. of SHRIMPS as leftovers..put them in the fridge..and that's the shrimps I've used for the other one...
Then we got 1 pc. leftover CARROT.. PARSLEY and COOKING CREAM in the fridge..from these ingredients I have made a wonderful afternoon snack for my teens..
I have two teenagers.. a girl and a boy.. my boy is allergic to any seafoods.. that is why I made two version of this Creamy Spaghetti...
and I just realized maybe I could post this for #FelixFakeAway

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