Creating an alkaline environment for the body to thrive not just survive.

W​hy do we want to eat a plant based diet?

1y ago

What we are doing by eating a plant based, mucus free/lean diet is stopping the consumption of acidic forming foods. We are helping the body to balance its PH level. An acidic body creates dis-ease and fatigue and adversely effects you on a cellular level. The acidity also creates stress within you and therefore raises cortisol levels which in turn effects sleep.


● Coffee

● Black tea

● Sweetened fruit juices

● Sodas

● Alcohol

● Artificial sweeteners

● White sugar

● Refined flours

● Processed grains

● Processed foods

● Fried Foods

● Dairy

● Animal meat

● Eggs

● Fish and shellfish

● White Potatoes

By removing these foods we start to create an environment that rejuvinates itself and where inflammation and dis-ease cannot reside.

Reducing and giving up acidic forming foods is not easy and we also have to understand our thinking mind is on a loop. Addiction goes round in loops. Once we can also start to see the loops we can then start detaching ourselves from them and see them for what they are.

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