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1y ago

Last Sunday walking around a train station here in Rome, I came across a temporary store, specifically to Majani an ancient Italian chocolatier. Majani was found in the city of Bologna in 1796 and if math is not an opinion is in activity for more than two hundred years.

Among the many delicious chocolate tabs and cubes, there is the Cremino Fiat. Yep, you've read correctly, Fiat, like the famous car's brand.

FIAT's Cremino is the most popular and appreciated product of this chocolatier and it is in production since 1911. A hundred and ten years ago Fiat's founder Giovanni Agnelli had the idea of holding a competition to celebrate the launch of their new luxury car, the Tipo 4, asking to the most important maitres chocolatiers to create a new kind of chocolate for the occasion.

Majani won hands down, with their brand new cremino, that unlike the other varieties of cremino in commerce had four layers rather than just three. Cremino Fiat useless to say, is delicious, with two layers of gianduja chocolate and two of hazelnut and almond cream.

Other than the original Cremino, there are also some variants, with coffee or pistachio for example, or black chocolate rather than gianduja.

They sell it in cubes and tablets also, and it's such a sweet treat!

Have you ever had one?

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  • Great article

      1 year ago
  • Funnily enough , I was on a Fiat launch yesterday, and we had a Cremino on the plane home! It's so tasty, but a bit messy!

      1 year ago