Croissants with cherry jam 🍒

Emilia Mig posted in Baking
49w ago

Today's baking: 8 big croissants with homemade cherry jam ( jam was done by my mum) Croissants disappeared quite fast in stange circumstances 😂. If anyone is interested in this recipe, let me know!

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Comments (10)

  • Mmmm.....cherry!

      11 months ago
  • Yes please post this recipe 😄 These would be perfect with all the tea I've hoarded over time that I can drink up now lol

      11 months ago
  • Just yummm! So hard to find good cherry preserve here in Malaysia.

      11 months ago
    • Thanks, if there is hard to find good cherries to preserving maybe try to buy a jam in supermarket 🤔

        11 months ago
    • Non local fruits with the exception of apples, oranges and lemons are really expensive here in Malaysia. We consume mostly local fruits here like papayas, mangoes, jackfruit, melons, and seasonal exotics like mangosteens, durian,...

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        11 months ago
  • Those look great! My kids love fresh baked croissants but they refuse to eat jelly. I'm left sprinkling sugar on them which then makes me wonder how nourishing they are.

      11 months ago
    • Thank you very much, I'm not a big fan of sweet things but It doesn't mean I don't eat them, from time to time it is allowed, but I wouldn't eat jelly with sugar - it's too much for me 😂

        11 months ago
  • I want one of those. 🙂

      5 months ago