Croissants with cherry jam recipe

Recipe for croissants vol.2. But this time, with homemade cherry jam...!

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44w ago

Croissants are fluffy, gold, delicate with a delicious liquid cherry filling. The recipe for this dough I found in my old (magic 😂) cookbook which I received from my mum.

I made 8 big croissants which had all gone in one day. However, if you don't want to make 8 big croissants, feel free to make them smaller and have more croissants! Everything depends on your preferences.


Flour (500g)

Egg (x1)

Milk (500ml)

Sugar (100g) if you want you may add more

Yeast (40g)

Cherry jam (homemade or from supermarket)

OPTIONALLY* - vanilla sugar (16g) , vanilla flavour (x1 teaspoon)

ADDITIONALLY* - one egg to brush croissants before baking


1. To bowl add 2 spoons of flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar, yeast and warm milk. Wait 10 minutes and after that time add the rest of flour, an egg, sugar and optional ingredients like vanilla sugar and vanilla flavour. Knead the dough. If dough will be sticky, add a bit of flour.

2. After kneading the dough, put it in a warm place and leave it for 1-1.5 hour. (during this time dough should double its size) 👇

3. Next, roll the dough on the sprinkled-flour table, divide dough into 8 triangles and put jam (1 teaspoon) on the wide part of the triangle and just roll it into a croissant shape. 👇

4. Put them on a tray, brush them with an egg and bake for 20-25 minutes till gold colour in 180*C.👇

-2 croissants I put and baked on other tray in fear that they would stick

-2 croissants I put and baked on other tray in fear that they would stick

After baking 👇

Let's make your life sweet for a moment 👍

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