Crunchy Maltesers egg being sold for Easter

An actual delight from the land of chocolate with moments to spare for Easter.

40w ago

The biggest problem with Easter eggs (apart from the absurdly large packaging they're found in) is how utterly uninspiring they are.

For companies that pride themselves on creating supposedly quality and original chocolate it is quite amazing that they consistently produce dreary, flavourless brown stuff that they harden and flog as chocolate.

However, with the arrival of a brand new Easter egg from Maltesers scepticism can be refreshingly thrown to one side.

For once, the massive chocolate egg they have produced shows encouraging signs of being a genuinely fantastic treat - albeit likely to take three weeks of solid chewing to eat (maybe two weeks if you happen to be a tiger).

Although it is made up with the traditionally hollow Easter egg centre, the shell of the egg is thick with Maltesers biscuits, making the chocolate design look more like a cave than a brittle egg (I have heard that army are planning to use them in their tanks). The massive walls are designed to look and taste exactly like typical Maltesers.

A further benefit of the exclusive eggs is that they come equipped with two large Maltesers rabbits and a bag of mini bunnies that you can savagely eat if (for some inexplicable reason) you remain famished after devouring the egg.

The crunchy egg can be hunted down from a variety of shops, including Aldi which is flogging it for £8.00 a time.

Maltesers - and their Mars owner - has evidently proven that interesting Easter eggs are not an impossibility and are actually rather easy to imagine. Perhaps if chocolate manufacturers utilised some effort when designing their Easter eggs there would be a great deal less of the things towering above supermarket aisles for months to come.

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