Cute cakes and vegan bites amaze Twitter

Smashing the myth that vegan foods have to be boring.

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New years are always billed as being full of promise, making it strange that they persistently begin with campaigns and instructions. Alongside the compulsory diets and death-inducing exercise routines, we have been greeted with events such as Veganuary and Dry January; why can’t we be left alone to relish 12 months of optimism and chocolate?

Despite the demands of so many to do so much (is there anything particularly wrong with simply sleeping for a month?), the sphere of food continues to be characteristically unrestricted.

Brilliant homemade burgers

Food Tribe loves a burger, so here are nine of them to make you dribble all over your chin, clothes and floor.

Comedians cooking chicken

Ah, to be multi-talented. Or even just singularly talented, anything would do.

Heaven in a bite

If one good thing can be said about coronavirus (there’s a sentence you never expected to read) it’s that it has definitely encouraged creativity – and no greater invention has ever been made than these glorious parmesan wings wrapped in garlic for a magnificent vegan indulgence.

Sleep saves souls

The secret to the eating habits of students has finally been uncovered.

Mesmerising chocolate

You can complain about the cost of posh chocolate but you really can’t moan about the look – or (hopefully) the taste.

Sprouting anger

Residents of the USA have unleashed wild, uncontrollable rage against the pitiful Brussel sprout (even though we all know that the most despicable vegetable is the cauliflower).

Fiery prediction

Not at all ominous. We’ve got our eyes on you 2021.

Piling up pizzas

I get through that many pizzas in a week.

Succulent salmon

The zest of the lemons is literally oozing around my brain. No, I’m not licking the screen; don’t be ridiculous.

The cutest cake ever invented

Certain presenters of popular Amazon motoring shows may be unconcerned about the lives of noble polar bears, but nobody could ignore how adorable this surprisingly simple polar bear cake is.

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