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Are The Czechs Really a Beer Nation?

1y ago

The Czech Republic is the country with the highest beer consumption per capita in litres (143.3), according to the statistics. Second is Namibia with 108 litres, so there's a big gap. But does it show?

The answer is yes.

Although the beer is cheap, it is really good. Many Czechs say that their beer is the best and the foreign beer is not that good, or even rubbish. It would be interesting to hear a foreigner's opinion, so if someone reading this has tried real, brewed in the Czech Republic, Czech beer, tell us in the comments.

The beer is everywhere, literally. A small town district with nothing else has a pub. Every village has a pub. Some universities have pubs.

Everyone drinks beer. It's not uncommon for teenagers to have a beer during lunch with their family.

Although many people drink and stay in the pub till night or early morning (because pubs tend to close when the last person leaves), there aren't many drunkards in the streets. And if you meet one, he'll be rather funny than dangerous. So being outside late isn't a problem.

typical Czech pub

typical Czech pub

Most famous brands are Braník, Budvar, Gambrinus, Kozel, Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen. Which beer is the best is a very frequent conversation topic, often with no results. These and other standard brands are sold for more or less the same price. A bottle costs around 10-20 Czech Crowns (1£ = 31CZK at the moment).

Then there are the microbreweries. Some of them are bad, some good, some even better than the normal beer. The price of course changes, these beers are several times more expensive. But if you know which beer you like, then it's definitely worth the money. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, up to 40% of all microbreweries here could go bankrupt. A project called Zachraň pivo (Save the Beer) was launched, so people can order beer from the microbreweries and help them.

microbrewery Matuška

microbrewery Matuška

Maybe the situation in your country, reader, is similar, or maybe it looks the same, I don't know. But the Czechs drink more than you.

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Comments (2)

  • Czech Republic sounds fun. I was sold on "The beer is everywhere".

      1 year ago
  • I used to live in Prague for almost an entire year and I can definitely confirm all the facts from this article. The beer is excellent, inexpensive and available everywhere. Staropramen sort of rules in Prague because that's where the brewery is located. At the Staropramen brewery they even had a special entrance called "Pivni pohotovost", which roughly translates to "Beer emergency". I never tried it but I imagine that you could buy beer there 24/7 😊

      1 year ago