Dark chocolate - All you need to know!

Pure dark chocolate, everybody like it, but not so many people knows the real benefits of it!

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Chocolate is a unique treat, a favorite of almost all people around the world. The very feeling of joy at the first bite is something that puts chocolate in the first place when it comes to sweets.

Any delicacy is not the same without chocolate, it gives it taste and sweetness. Chocolate exists in many variants, so there is taste and need for everyone. However, we can often hear how much of that luck actually works. And that's where our dream is ruined ... How can something so delicious be so hurtful?

The downside to chocolate is actually fats and sugars that really do nothing good to our body, except for that instant gratification.

Usually passionate candy lovers are obese, which is because of these unhealthy ingredients in chocolate, as well as other sugary and fat based treats.

However, when I talk about these downsides, I mean milk chocolate, because not all chocolate is the same. Believe it or not, there is also a healthy chocolate! I mentioned that there are many variants, and certainly the healthiest variant is dark chocolate.

The difference between milk and black chocolate lies in the percentage of cocoa powder. That is, higher quality chocolates contain more cocoa parts, so dark chocolate has more than 50% parts and most often 70%, while regular milk chocolate has 30% or less.

Dark chocolate contains a large percentage of the parts that make it so healthy because cocoa is a wonderful and very healthy plant. While, on the other hand, milk chocolates have a smaller portion of cocoa, and a higher proportion of fat and sugar. That makes a big difference!

Dark chocolate - calories and nutritional value:

Although dark chocolate is considered a healthy chocolate, it still contains a lot of calories. However, these calories are not harmful, instead, those fats inside milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains oleic acid (similar to that in olive oil), so it does not raise cholesterol, but the opposite, decreasing it.

Besides good fats, dark chocolate also contains many minerals and vitamins, which help our body stay healthy. Regular but limited use of dark chocolate will help preserve your health. Moderation is key in everything, even when consuming dark chocolate.

100g of dark chocolate contains:

543 calories

31 grams of fat (19 grams of saturated fat)

62 grams of carbs

8 milligrams of cholesterol

24 milligrams of salt

7 grams of fiber

5 grams of protein

100 grams of dark Chocolate contains a large number of calories, which are not harmful as those from milk chocolate but in large quantities can counteract. Carbohydrates, fats, fibers, salts and proteins are in the appropriate percentage.

8.1 micrograms of Vitamin K

0.7 milligrams of vitamin B3 (niacin)

0.2 micrograms of Vitamin B12

56 milligrams of Calcium

8 grams of Iron

146 milligrams of Magnesium

206 milligrams of Phosphorus

559 milligrams of Potassium

2 milligrams of Zinc

1 milligram of Copper

1.4 milligrams of Manganese

3 micrograms of Selenium

From this it can be concluded that dark chocolate is very rich in minerals and vitamins and is therefore considered a healthy treat.

Dark chocolate - health benefits:

Reduces blood pressure

What is most commonly recommended for dark chocolate is blood pressure. It has been scientifically proven repeatedly that dark chocolate is the best natural medicine for lowering blood pressure. But how?

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that are responsible for good blood flow through the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are blocked, however, when the arteries get narrow, the blood pressure is higher. This is due to cholesterol and obesity. This is why obese people often have problems with blood pressure.

Dark chocolate have a purpose to widen the arteries, and to clear them, and thus allow the blood to flow through the body unobstructed, with the blood pressure stabilizing.

It encourages good blood circulation

Which is closely related to bringing blood pressure back to normal. When the blood pressure is fine, our circulation is fine. It may be worse due to low but also high blood pressure.

If you feel cold hands and feet, tingling and swelling, then try to regulate blood circulation with dark chocolate.

It lowers bad cholesterol

Although chocolate is considered to contain fat, with dark chocolate it is different. To be precise, dark chocolate contains saturated fat, however, a special kind known as stearic acid. It does not behave badly in our body, but lowers bad cholesterol.

Regulates blood sugar

Another contradiction.

How is it that chocolate lowers blood sugar?

This is because dark chocolate is not a regular chocolate. In fact, dark chocolate has a low glycemic index, which means that it has slow digestion in the body and does not affect the rapid rise of sugar. On the contrary, it helps to bring blood sugar back to normal.

I mentioned that dark chocolate contains flavonoids, and now I will mention that these flavonoids cure diabetes by improving glucose-sensitive cells.

Reduces your appetite

The study compared people who ate dark and milk chocolate, and found that those who consumed dark chocolate were much longer satisfied, less hungry. Dark chocolate also affects appetite and can help obese people lose weight in a healthy way.

Dark chocolate is a little bitter, in addition, it contains slow-digestion butter and has a sense of satiety for a long time. Cholesterol-lowering chocolate does not bring the danger of diabetes but helps it to lose weight.

It helps the nervous system

Dark chocolate has a positive effect on our brain functions. When blood gets to the brain unobstructed, it works better immediately. In addition to good blood circulation in the brain, dark chocolate encourages better concentration and memory because it contains flavonoids as well as a small percentage of caffeine.

People suffering from Alzheimer's should consume dark chocolate as often as possible, certainly those with a predisposition.

In addition, dark chocolate elevates the mood, which immediately reduces the chance of depression and similar illnesses, which can be long and tiring, because everything is in the attitude of the patient.

It reduces cough

Dark chocolate contains the so-called bitter alkaloid, which is considered to be a very effective natural cure for cough. In general, dark chocolate affects the health of the respiratory system and can be consumed by people who have cough problems.

It have skin benefits

As it affects our body from the inside, so does to our body from the outside. The skin is our largest organ, and through it our health is manifested. A healthy skin is an indication that everything is OK with our body. If some imperfections occur, it means that our body is not healthy.

Consuming dark chocolate has an impact on overall health, make your body healthy and your skin will be healthy too. In addition, dark chocolate directly helps the skin to be healthy without imperfections. Acne and pimples can be a thing of the past. Again, the irony, because for decades now, we've known that chocolate stimulates acne and pimples.

When it comes to dark chocolate, it's not true.

It will help you get rid of persistent acne and pimples, then make the skin softer and more complexion. Keep in mind that dark chocolate does not have a high content of fat and sugar, while other chocolates do, so they unfortunately affect the appearance of imperfection. When it comes to pure skin, only dark chocolate is allowed.

It reduces the symptoms of PMS

Painful periods often torment girls and women, every month. Excessive bleeding and severe pain can disrupt their life in a week. The regular need for dark chocolate before the menstrual cycle, but also during, will help a body to relax and become more tolerant of pain.

During menstruation, many women reach for chocolates and sweets, and it is recommended for a healthy dark chocolate that will help to overcome that period more easily.


Dark chocolate is also considered a strong aphrodisiac but it is still recommended in limited quantities so as not to have the opposite effect.

The bad sides of dark chocolate:

There are really a lot more positives sides, so the downsides are lost but not excluded. However, it is good to mention them because we are all different so dark chocolate will not affect everyone the same.

Kidney stone

There is a risk of kidney stones because dark chocolate contains oxalates. This is of course true if you eat a lot of dark chocolate, in excessive amounts, which means that consuming normal amounts is not likely to cause a kidney stone. But pay attention to those who have kidney problems, so consume a dark chocolate 2-3 times a week, a couple of cubes only.


People who are prone to migraines should not often eat dark chocolate, as it can then cause headaches. The reason for this is not quite known.

Sleeping problems

Do not eat dark chocolate before bedtime as it contains caffeine, so it can keep you awake all night. Eating it during the day and will not hurt you, it can only please you.

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