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Restaurant Review : Dayrooms Cafe W11

1y ago

I had seen photos of the interior over several social channels this summer that sung to me - devour me - the photos beaconed, luring me In like a panther in the night:

Day Rooms does not disappoint - the smell is intoxicating as you walk in, a heavenly mix of truffle oils swelling with a hint of toasted Sesame. Already without question you know you are onto a winner.

I also find the old mothers tale of, “you are what you eat” still holds true today - staff are often a key tell on how healthy, hunky or junky the food is in whatever restaurant you find yourself in.

Pret staff for example , without being too rude, and remember these are broad strokes here; are all a little tubby, stomach pressing on the till as you shiftly pay for that chicken club sand which -

Byron, i find most of their managers often indulge a little too much... you can tell as their fat fingers fumble folding the bill.

Take Day Rooms for a more focused example, the staff slink around surrounded by oat milk derivatives and gourmet power balls glistening in their eyes - which are white, wheat free and sparkle.

Photo from

Photo from

I thoroughly enjoyed lunch at Day Rooms, it’s cute, charming and a new staple of the brunch scene in the area - a mark of their fantastic & delicious food offering. The design is onpoint and if the selfie game is your thing, the whole room is a photoshoot waiting to happen.

Go here for a gossip, bring the pup and leave the ego at the door you won’t regret it.


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  • Is that a bowl of Açaí that I see? 😍

      1 year ago