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Deep fried halloumi recipe

Here is another delicious ingredient that has a long shelf life. I already posted a shallow fry recipe for this but here is another idea...

42w ago

With a shelf life of four to six months in the fridge halloumi is a really great stand by cheese to keep in.

I usually make it shallow fried and cover it in capers, herbs, oil and lemon juice but as it happens I had some oil left from frying something yesterday so I made this to go with lunch.

So here is the recipe pure and simple: cut in strips and deep fry.

Serve hot or warm and here's a tip - it's delicious with a dip!

I put a few fresh things with it for lunch

I put a few fresh things with it for lunch

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  • I might be the only person in the world who doesn't like halloumi and it makes me sad because everyone seems to properly love it!

      9 months ago