Delicious and healthy breakfast

47w ago
- Breakfast time

Time for breakfast: Homemade roll/bun served with mix of cottage cheese, natural yoghurt chives, onion, radish, salt and pepper. Easy, fast and nice breakfast especially for such hot days like today (30°C). Wishing you all a fantastic Saturday 🙂👍

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Comments (6)

  • Nice!

      10 months ago
  • Do you make the spread and save it? Or do you just add directly to the bun? It looks fantastic and I like cold/fresh recipes for summer

      10 months ago
    • Thank you..Yes I usually do bigger portion, I use cottage cheese 250g it's all pacage and keep it in fridge..Most of the time that disappear during one breakfast or dinner the same day or on the next day during breakfast :D

        10 months ago
    • Oooh nice nice! Thank you

        10 months ago