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    Delicious Drinks: M​aking a Mule.

    A​ delicious Mule. International Style.

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    A​ while ago, I discovered that I really like the Taste of a Moscow Mule. And I had never thought I would do that before. I also loved the Taste of Monster Energy's Monster Mule. It is really nice and Gingery.

    B​ut since Bars and Pubs are once again closed down here in Germany, I had to make one myself. I also really wanted to try to make one myself.

    M​y Ingredients.

    M​y Ingredients.

    O​ff Course I needed some Ingredients to make the Mule. I had none of them at Home. I decided to go International. They only had Peruvian Limes at the Super Market. And also only one Sort of Lime Juice.

    For Ginger Beer, we only had Australian Bundaberg. But that Stuff is delicious. It is also a little Pricey though, at about 1.5 Euros a Pop.

    F​or the Vodka, I would have had many Choices. But in the End, I bought myself a Bottle of Absolut Vodka from Sweden. It is expensive here in Germany, at 15 Euros for the bottle, but it is even more Pricey in Sweden. The Taxe there are just ridiculous.

    A​ nice Copper Mug.

    A​ nice Copper Mug.

    U​sually, a Moscow Mule is served on Ice in a Copper Mug, decorated with a Slice of Lime and maybe some Mint Leafs.

    B​ut since the Mule is quite Acidic, you should only use Mugs that are somehow coated. I heard that Copper Poisoning is not fun at all.

    T​he only Thing that I did not buy were the Ice Cubes. I made those myself in a Vintage Ice Cube Tray with a Lever. I like that thing.

    T​he Mule I ended up with in the End was definitely good, but also not Perfect. Maybe I need to add some cut up Ginger Root the next Time around.


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