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Delicious old films about cooking

Are you looking for a foodie movie to eat your popcorn by the fire at home? These are my favourites picks to make your mouth water

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Chocolat - 2000

As sweet as chocolate

As sweet as chocolate

Such a seductive film in terms of food and romance. Juliette Binoche plays the main character who is pretty much an outcast in society - a drifter with an illegitimate daughter who feels the need to move every time the mistral blows.

She ends up in a remote French village during lent and sets up a chocolate shop much to the disapproval of the straight-laced locals. The setting up has so many sexy food shots it almost - and I really mean almost - rivals the romance when she has a love affair with Jonny Depp.

The film is essentially a rom-com but I love it's passion for food and life and it has an interesting little twist at the end.

Big Night - 1996

Photo by Jorge Zapata from Pexels

Photo by Jorge Zapata from Pexels

This film had me laughing out loud within the first five minutes even though I have seen it several times.

It's about a struggling Italian restaurant who lay on a special feast to really impress an important guest. They pull out all the stops and spend every penny they have. I won't tell you if it works because that would spoil it for you.

It's a light comedy in many ways but it has depth not only in the cooking but in so many ways that reflect Italian tradition, pride, history and family values.

Watch it and laugh, but expect to want a bowl of pasta after!

Babettes Feast -1987



I have no idea where to start to describe this film, but I think if I was abandoned on a desert island I would want it with me.

It's genre is elusive - but I can tell you that you need to sit and watch it patiently. It's a slow build up and seems like a child's film at first but it's anything but.

Both sad and happy, and also intriguing. There's a lot going on.

The cooking scenes excel in quite a surreal way. So now do you see why I can't pin it as a genre!

You are gonna love it or hate it - but if you love food you should try it....

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