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Deliveroo riders are helping to find missing people

An imaginative scheme hopes to reduce the number of missing people in bustling UK cities.

1y ago

Companies like Deliveroo have had a rough time in the press over recent years with many news articles critical of their treatment of workers.

Some would say that the so-called “gig economy” initiatives employed by such firms are inhumane and lead to the mistreatment of workers’ rights and low pay; others would argue that schemes like zero-hour working contracts allow employees a far greater level of flexibility than could ever be expected under routine employment contracts.

These sort of debates have created the impression that all successful companies are run by Satan and based in the pits of Hell. Meanwhile, Deliveroo has showcased a genuine and grounded realism as to the sort of benefits influential businesses can bring to local communities.

First devised in 2018, Deliveroo is to bring back a scheme whereby riders in its delivery service publicise the photos and details of missing people in the UK. As the method returns this year, 500 riders across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Brighton will have posters from the charity Missing People attached to their backpacks with the aim being to reunite more missing people with their loved ones.

In addition to the innovative and efficient poster idea, Deliveroo will be asking people to join a text message service called Missing People’s Child Rescue, informing subscribers when there is a child missing in their neighbourhood. The aim is to have 30,000 users signed up to the service.

But if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing properly, so the company isn’t stopping there. It has also made a virtual restaurant in its app named Ride To Find with the option for customers to donate to Missing People to help fund the charity’s future campaigns and support processes.

In 2018, Deliveroo’s missing person scheme helped to find five missing people – which, amongst the craziness of city life, is not bad going. Hopefully, this year’s emboldened plan will mean that the number of people found will be even higher.

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  • Interesting concept...

      1 year ago
  • These are communist times. Businesses have to be seen doing something for the community, not just the market.

    (Not actually saying that's a bad thing. The successful business/capitalism phobia that some people seem to have and indulge on social media is foolish though).

      1 year ago