Deliveroo will be part of the new normal when eating out

Taking table service to the extreme

29w ago

Lockdown is winding down and we are all starting to get a bit more freedom. You can go into shops, which are those buildings on the high street that will exchange things you might like for money. You may not remember them.

Pretty soon you are also going to be able to go to restaurants too. Those are the places you go to, mostly with other people, to eat food that someone else has cooked for you.

But we can't claim to be getting back to anything like normal, in this regard, because it's not going to be like it used to be. We are currently unable to get within 2m of those we don't live with. If that changes at all, it will still be a 1m distancing rule. How we will be socialising is still quite unclear.

Happily, how we will be eating is becoming clearer. In keeping with social distancing guidelines, the staff of these establishments are not to come within the designated distance of the customer and, given that they may be in contact with 150 people a day, that's fair enough. It does make ordering food tricky though.

Deliveroo is here to help. From 15 July, any establishment that offers table service will be able to upload their menu to the Deliveroo app so that those dining can order from their table, using their phone.

This follows the UK government's request that those offering a dine in service also offer an app based approach. Deliveroo has committed to offering this service with 0% charge to the restaurants.

They will also be providing a platform from which establishments in the hospitality industry will be able to order PPE for their staff, as well as all the equipment they need to ensure diners can maintain hygiene standards and have clear markers for distance.

The CEO of Deliveroo, Will Shu, said, "Thousands of our restaurant partners stayed open during the lockdown to deliver for the NHS and the vulnerable. It is now time for the government, consumers, and for Deliveroo to deliver for our restaurants, helping them to survive on the high-street as they reopen for dine-in customers.

"Deliveroo wants to play a significant role in helping restaurants adopt tech-led solutions to reopen safely, especially smaller partners who otherwise would be unable to develop the technology and face huge financial burdens due to COVID-19. We are committed to developing a wide package of support measures to help the sector’s economic recovery."

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Comments (3)

  • Brilliant. Wetherspoon already have their app. This is a great way forward for other restaurants. I believe places are only allowed 30 people at a time and understand spoons will not let people book tables. The queues will be awful.😟

      6 months ago
    • I totally agree, it's a great idea and it stops restaurants having to come up with their own technology, which would be practically and financially impossible

        6 months ago
    • My view entirely. No cost to the restaurant. Terrific. The ppe thing is great too. Love the ingenious ideas people and companies are coming up with.

        6 months ago