Delivery service for Chinese communities is rolling out across the US

HungryPanda sells predominantly Chinese restaurant food and groceries

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HungryPanda just announced it has raised $20 million in funding, allowing it to expand across the US throughout this year.

The food delivery service is unique in that it’s aimed specifically at Chinese communities living outside China.

The platform sells mostly Chinese restaurant food and groceries. It’s designed for Chinese-language speakers and accepts payments from services like WeChat Pay and Alipay.

HungryPanda says it aims to provide a “tailored user experience to overseas Chinese users to help them overcome cultural and language barriers. It also enables Asian restaurants to connect with the right customers and provide an efficient delivery service.”

via HungryPanda

via HungryPanda

The app and website was founded in the UK in 2017 and now operates in 31 cities across the UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

This latest investment will allow the business to launch in 18 cities in the US in 2020.

“The US is strategically important to us and it will be our primary focus in 2020,” said Eric Liu, CEO of HungryPanda. “We bring global experience and expertise in this market, which has already made us the leader in a number of cities in the US, including New York where our order volume is almost four times more than the closest competitor.”

He added: “We are delighted to secure the backing of 83North and Felix Capital to bring our unique service to more people in more places. Their unrivalled industry investment experience, coupled with our ability to focus on the precise needs of our customers and launch in each new city within a two-week window, means we are in an ideal position to significantly scale the business to meet the huge levels of demand created by Chinese cuisine.”

David Buttress, independent non-executive board director of HungryPanda and former CEO of Just Eat, said: “This is an exciting time for this specialist market. People are demanding authentic cuisine and a tailored experience that fits with their cultural background. HungryPanda is the best team out there with vision, drive and most importantly effective execution to serve this market.”

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