Dessert for dummies: An embarrassing recipe

Remember the "for dummies" manuals? They existed for everything. Here is a recipe from the Embarrassing Cook's Handbook

16w ago

Of course, I made it up: there isn't any Embarrassing Cook's Handbook, apart from James May's new book...

Oh Cook...

Oh Cook!: 60 easy recipes that any idiot can make

A foolproof manual packed with more than 60 delicious recipes – all by James May.

I'm kidding, Mr. May... But seriously: this dessert is really super simple to make and starts with the base of Prussiane Dessert, I published a while ago.

Chocolate Ribbons

So, let's start! Chocolate Ribbons recipe!


Two packs of rectangular puff pastry

Two packs of good quality chocolate (dark or milk? It doesn't matter)

Chopped hazelnuts




Put a little water in a glass and dissolve a couple of tablespoons of sugar. Be generous with the sugar. Roll out one of the two rolls and wet it with the sugar water. Then add some sugar, as in the photo.

Then, overlap the second roll. Cut the rectangle in half and make many strips, as in the photo.

Next, roll up the strips and wet them again with the water and sugar solution. If you sprinkle some more sugar grains afterwards, the taste will be better.

Did you heat the oven to 200 degrees? Great! Let's bake! 20 minutes should be enough.

Meanwhile, we melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. If it is too solid, you can add a drop of milk. Are the hazelnuts ready? Ok, let's wait for our ribbons to be cooked and cooled.

If the ribbons are cold enough, we can start with the tastiest part: first, we soak the ends in the chocolate and then immediately in the hazelnuts.

Now the chocolate must solidify. And then they are ready to serve.

And... nothing, we're done. I told you, it's a dessert for dummies! Buon appetito!

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Comments (7)

  • That looks like a kid friendly dessert and I have just the kid to test drive it thank you.

      3 months ago
  • Love that idea, need to prepare also with white chocolate because some of my family members can't eat dark or milk one

      3 months ago
    • ❤ If you try let me know!

        3 months ago
    • I have to do it really 😀 I know I said earlier that I would prepare that puff pastry litte thing Prussiane but need to do all that stuff. Of course I will let you know

        3 months ago
  • Won't do, not challenging enough 😁

      3 months ago