Dessert Person: Claire Saffitz's new book is out

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    I ordered Claire Saffitz's book shortly after it was announced, and back when she was still making Gourmet Makes videos.

    It finally came out today and I can't wait to bake something! It's been a long time we've seen Claire: that's because she's been busy making this perfect bible of baking.

    Her experience taught her well and now we get to reap the rewards by baking her favourite recipes! Each recipe has a difficulty level from 1 to 5. There is even a recipe matrix at the start of the book showing you all the recipes on an axis with Difficulty and Time. The hardest and longest one is Croissant and the easiest one is Miso Buttermilk Biscuits.

    I have my eye on the Lime Bars, the Honey Tahini Challah and the Pistachio Pinwheels. To start with...

    The book is also a great reference for the basics like pie, layered cake and sourdough bread.

    Most of the book is about dessert, as the title indicates, but there are still a few savoury treats like Focaccia and Corn Bread.

    The photography by Alex Lau is beautiful and, as Claire says herself, it will convert a cook to being a baker as well.

    With more than 100 recipes, there is something for everyone and for any skill level.

    Get the hardcover or ebook on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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    • She’s the woman from bon appetite right ?

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