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Devastated that Greggs is closed? Iceland has the solution

You can sense the sadness in the air that Greggs is shut – but Iceland have a solution for you

1y ago

Not to be negative, but there is so much about lockdown that could cause you to be less than delighted. Having to stay home for long periods... some people really don't cope well with that. Missing friends and family... that really is a bummer. Having to queue to get into the supermarket... it's for our own good, but it's not ideal!

There is a lot to get you down but, I think we can all agree, the most miserable thing about the whole situation is the fact that Greggs is closed. Beloved Greggs, provider of the flakiest pastry and the yummiest yum yums. As a nation, we mourn.

Here's something to cheer you right up during this difficult time: the absolute heroes at Iceland! They have stocked frozen Greggs sausage rolls for a while now, but to keep us all going during the lockdown period, they have expanded their range and massively stocked up – so none of us have to miss out!

And when we say "expanded their range", you wouldn't believe the number of Greggs goodies they have! Imagine your favourite treat, and there is a very good chance they have it.

In a statement, they said ‘Iceland is set to receive Greggstra stock of the bakery’s most loved pastries. So Greggs fanatics can still get their lunch time fix from the comfort of their own freezer by heading in store or online.’

So, form an orderly queue and keep a safe 2m distance. Iceland has you covered!

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  • I've tried these, they are the only gregg ones I can get here in Ireland, they are ok, strange thing is they give me heartburn, the proper fresh Gregg ones dont! Work that one out ha ha

      1 year ago
  • The Iceland sausage roll eh 😂😂😂

      1 year ago