- On the left, Turkey BIR Keema Dhansak, on the right, fried rice.

Dhansak and Rice

I went to Tesco and the Turkey Mince was on last-day and half price. I don't like to think it might have got wasted. Very tasty.

6w ago

BIR cooking is supposed to be very quick - but I did not have the pre-cooked dhal or keema. So, after a little over 2 hours, this was the result. Plus some dhal and a portion of keema. I used up some freezer fodder - cooked basmati rice, BIR base gravy, and BIR spice stock, and some tomato sauce. Its hardly leftovers since I plan to freeze this stuff.

Spice stock: www.cooked.com/uk/Dan-Toombs/Quadrille-Publishing/The-Curry-Guy/Base-recipes/Spice-stock-recipe

Base gravy per previous post.

Pre-cooked keema per mistyricardo.com/pre-cooked-keema-recipe/ (but I used spice stock and some water, more like TheCurry Guy, and of course its turkey).

Pre-cooked Dhal per mistyricardo.com/dhal-recipe/ (I made half)

Dhansak combining the above from www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1999660803/ref=bseries_primary_1_1999660803 - I can't see it online. Its similar to greatcurryrecipes.net/2012/01/26/british-indian-restaurant-recipes-how-to-make-chicken-dhansak/ except that it uses pre-cooked dhal rather than just the cooked lentils.

I really liked this - and I'll enjoy the by-products. Unfortunately the kitchen looks like a war zone, and I will need several shifts of washing up fairies.

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  • It looks very good.

      1 month ago