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Did I just make the ultimate toasted sandwich?

You have to love when a experiment goes great

2w ago

If you all remember when I made my giant chicken burger awhile back I made a apple bacon jam that had bacon, onions, jalapenos, garlic, apple cider vinegar and apple jelly. I wanted some more of this apple bacon jam, so I decided to make a toasted sandwich with sourdough bread American cheese and smoked gouda then a healthy helping of that wonderful apple bacon jam.

Foodtribe, this turned out a lot better then I expected. It had a nice smoky flavor from the gouda that paired so well with the apple bacon jam and the American cheese gave that nice gooey cheesiness. I still say it needs a little more heat but I was half way through the sandwich before I realized I did not add any. I will definitely make this toasted sandwich again.

Does this sound like something you all would try? Tell me in the comments. I hope you all are doing well. Stay wonderful Foodtribe! I love you all!

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  • this looks so yummy and bet kids will love it too.....

      15 days ago