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Banana wine has existed for quite some time now, but only at a small scale production. The Philippines and India are two examples of the few countries that produce it.

Bananas, (or plátanos) are the pride of every canarian.

I'm from the Canary Islands, in Spain. And if you don't know very much about this region, our islands are basically a huge banana plantation. Our bananas are very famous in the rest of Spain and you can even find them in some stores around Europe.

Every person who tries Canarian bananas feels disappointed when they go back to their average ones. This is because they are the sweetest and tastiest in the world, due to our weather, and also their size, which is smaller than your average banana. They are not forced to grow bigger than their natural size, and this makes them keep all the flavour.

Canarian banana (250 ml Red Bull for scale).

Canarian banana (250 ml Red Bull for scale).

One day I was at the grocery store near to closing time and saw a woman picking up and cleaning a free sample stand that said banana wine. I was curious so I asked her about it and she said it was a new Canarian wine brand made only with bananas, but she finished the sample bottle so I couldn't try it. The bottle was less than 7 euros, so I bought one and took it home.

An oenologist friend of mine would kill me for saying this (he thinks this wine is an aberration) but I enjoyed that bottle. It doesn't taste like bananas, it tastes like wine, but a very tropical fruity wine. The aroma was similar to a multi-fruit tropical juice. It was sweet, light and refreshing. I don't know much about wines, but I really liked it. I wouldn't replace my wine with banana one, but for 7 euros, and trying something different, I think it was worth it.

If you are interested in this wine, here you have the link to their webpage. You can find some other products like vinegar cream, or other fruit vinegar too.

Would you try banana wine?

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