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And I'm talking about essential amino acids (EAAs)--proteins that our body can not synthesize and us such must be provided in the diet.

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Almost my whole life I've been convinced that only animal food can provide EAAs. Traditions, many years of disinformation, laziness prevented me from question that statement. I always knew that I should eat less meat but it took 40 years to realize that I do not need to eat meat at all. A movie "The Game Changers" helped me with that and made me start to ask myself questions and do research about plant-based food. My analytical mind doesn't allow me to believe in any of the facts without question.

So the first thing I needed to know if plant-based food contains all EAAs. I started with FoodData Central USDA's database of ingredients in foods. What I have learned is that almost any plant food has a complete composition of EAAs with some exceptions like alpha sprouts, mango, pineapple, lime, and melon. Rich in proteins are all kinds of nuts, seeds, beans, and peas.

But I wanted to know if protein content in plant food is sufficient and meets recommendations. I have found some interesting study that actually soybeans have the smallest sample food required to provide all EAAs according to the RDA for each individual EAA. I have compared data with FoodData Central and calculated that the smallest sample of soybeans meal required to provide a minimum amount of each EAA to equal the RDA (for a 70-kg man) is 90 gram. Chicken breast, for example, 156 g and chicken is known as the most complete EAAs source among animal foods. If you look at the table in the link above you can see that soybeans, quinoa, and beans are enough to provide proteins according to RDA.

These are very logical facts. Farm animals eat plants which are their main source of proteins. These are the same proteins that we eat. This is one of the main reasons that I do not eat animal food, it's just impractical to feed animals instead of eating these plants by ourselves.

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