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Did you know you can go to wine school?

Yes, schools for wine exist, and you'll want to sign up immediately

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If you want to train for a career in wine, maybe to become a sommelier, a wine buyer or work elsewhere in the trade, you'll likely need a qualification, from a wine school.

Yes, people do go to these schools to study wine, but no, it's not a straight up booze fest.

You can study wine making at various universities or colleges around the world, but wine tasting is usually done through specific schools or trusts.

My curiosity led me to finding some of these schools. Here are five that are popular enough to be known all over the world.

Wine and Spirit Education Trust

They offer three certifications: Intermediate, Advanced (AWS) and Diploma (DWS). They also take care of all the logistics of wines for you to taste and books on the same, even get an instructor to help you understand the material. The institute in based in the UK, and they have approved providers for courses worldwide as well.

The Court of Master Sommeliers

These guys are all over the world. They have 4 degrees and the most advanced degree offered is Master of Sommelier, to get that you have to go through various stages which will get you the various certifications. Till date there are under 300 people across the world, who have earned the degree Master of sommelier.

Institute of Masters of Wine

Located out of London, the certification offered is Masters of Wine and is said to be one of the best certifications in the wine world. Being self study course, it still takes a minimum of three years to just pass the exams. the exams can be taken in various locations across the planet. The final exam consists of blind tasting, many written papers and a dissertation, things I did to get by MBA in Sport Management (with the obvious exception of blind tasting). In the world there are only around 300 people who have passed the exam.

Union de la Sommellerie Française

They offer two degree programs, Mention Complementary Sommellerie & the Sommelier Professional Certificate. Both of the degrees take place over a year at the minimum, which includes an internship. The only requirement is that you have to have a diploma in the hotel and catering sector.

Associazione Italiana Sommelier

It is the largest Sommelier association in the world, 30,000 of those members are just in Italy. The certifications are recognised all over the world. The certification offered is a three level certified sommelier course which leads you to get Professional Sommelier Diploma. It also offers the Master Sommelier Diploma as a finishing touch to the sommelier training.

This got me wondering👇

Would you like to go to wine school? Also tell me why... I'm curious.

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