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Did your family do birthday meals?

If you chose Scotch eggs, then you probably grew up to be a great chap

1y ago

Every October, a little angel in the Coleman household would have a birthday. There’d be a present from mum, which would be functional, inexpensive, and probably socks. There’d be a present from an apologetic dad, which would definitely be LEGO. And then of course, there would be the birthday meal.

In theory, we could choose any meal we wanted, and mum would make it. In practice, however, there were many terms and conditions that were applied along the way.

Here are the most memorable (and crushing):

It can't be a takeaway

Yes, I tried ‘a McDonald's dinnerbox’ once or twice. Or maybe every year.

You have to eat the birthday meal

My dad once said that the next time lentil lasagne was made in the house, he was taking anyone who wanted to go with him to McDonald's. So I tried working the system by asking for a lentil lasagne – hence the hasty introduction of this clause.

You can't have had a similarly (or not) special meal the day before

Yes, I once requested a meal, but was told that we’d already had something nice the day before (I can’t remember what it was, but it wasn’t something I would have requested). And thus it was now time to get back into the practical dishes.

It must be made with ingredients close to hand

"But mum, you've only got pasta and mince!"

“You like spaghetti bolognese, don’t you?”

On the whole, it was a bit of a failed scheme –and if my mother hadn't regularly come out with amazing birthday-worthy meals as a result of working in restaurants, I'd have become an aggrieved child (more of an aggrieved child).

So, tell me: did your family do birthday meals, and what did you usually choose?

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Comments (25)

  • Yes, it was mostly Papa John's pizza and homemade tacos.

      1 year ago
  • Mom makes some of my favourite North Indian food (as South Indian is common at home)

    It's mostly Paneer...

      1 year ago
  • (PS: After asking for a Dinner Box, I'd ask for Scotch Eggs. Fiddly for mum, amazing for me)

      1 year ago
  • Oh yeah. This is totally a thing. I’ve had pies, lasagna, spag bol, roast chicken, because October birthday rarely mean eating in the garden in a sunlit paradise. My sister being a May birthday usually opts for an afternoon tea. Dad this year is having a takeaway from our local Indian, because we can’t go in for a sit down. So we’ll buy a case of Cobra and have a curry as per.

    No one apart from mum is allowed to use the kitchen, or when we do it’s frowned upon and results in her monopolising the process. So we take her out for birthday meals.

    Only change was for my 22nd we went to the local Italian because grandad was now dead (only a week or two prior) and he didn’t like pasta, but grandma does. So it was also a treat for her.

      1 year ago
    • The Billingtons have got this sorted, I like it.

      And I fully understand - no one ever made a birthday meal for my mum, because no matter how many presents there were to distract, there's no way she's staying in a different room.

        1 year ago
  • A massive portion of cheesy pasta bake for the whole family followed by a larger than intended pause in proceedings, having eaten too much, and then finding space for a slice of red velvet and cream cheese birthday cake. My Mum's birthday is the day after mine so we were allowed 2 specially selected meals in a row!

      1 year ago
    • Sounds great, I can't imagine what would have happened in our household if two birthdays were in a row.

        1 year ago