Diddly Squat Farm's bees put a hit on Jeremy Clarkson

They're out to get him and they won't be stopped

Jeremy Clarkson has been keeping us to date about the farm he bought over a year ago with regular columns on The Sunday Times and posts across his social media channels – as well as here on FoodTribe.

We know he bought a Lamborghini tractor, we know he has a new shop, and now we know his bees are out to get him. And they won't be stopped.

Clarkson is currently tending to 250,000 bees on his farm in the Cotswolds and he said one of these bees managed to get into his protective suit and sting him, err, on the bum.

"The bee got in the bottom, crawled up the Wellington, up the jeans trouser until it got between there and my T-shirt where it found an interesting crack, down it went and then stung me," Jeremy said. "When you’re in a bee suit you can’t get the bee out. I knew it was there dying in my underpants".

The good news is Clarkson's pain was probably worth it because he says the honey does at least taste nice.

A few months ago, Jeremy opened the 'Diddly Squat Farm Shop' on site to sell products from the farm along with other interesting items, including candles that, in his own words, apparently ‘smell like his b*****ks’.

Clarkson's farm will also be the protagonist, and the location, of the upcoming Amazon series 'I Bought a Farm' (working title) scheduled for release in 2021.

In fact, all three TGT presenters have been keeping busy with their own solo projects. Richard Hammond got stranded on a desert island for his new Amazon show and May's cooking show is also scheduled to be released on Amazon Prime in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, the boys are back filming for The Grand Tour and there's more good news as the highly anticipated Madagascar Special is also rumoured to be released soon. How soon? We don't know. Maybe I'm just wishful thinking.

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  • Now I understand why those candles smell likes his .........

      5 months ago
  • OUCH!! I can relate because I had a similar sting

      5 months ago