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Digital "smart" coaster helps you make cocktails

A game-changing technology for mixologists.

1y ago

In the past, cocktail making was a tiny part of the food and drink world, but now everywhere from your local pub to five-star hotel has to have a curated cocktail menu. Mixologists are in demand and the world of mixology is growing at a fast rate. It's an art form.

This trademarked idea, made by Barsys, is a potential game-changer for wannabe mixologists: a coaster that helps you prepare cocktails.

Everyone calls it "smart" because it is digital and it's programmed to help mixologists and bartenders get the quantities right. It automatically weighs the ingredients of the cocktail you've selected (it includes over 2,000 of them), and it tells you when to stop.

Here's how it works: you connect to the Barsys app, via Bluetooth, place a glass on the coaster, and then follow the step-by-step instructions on the app itself. You add each ingredient, and the coaster turns green to yellow to red to let you know when to stop pouring. The only downside is that the coaster itself is powered by electricity, so you will need to plug it in each time you use it.

The company is not new to the world of digital drinks, having previously released an AI-powered robot-cocktail maker last July.

Akshet Tewari, founder and CEO of Barsys, says this is going to make serving cocktails easy. "Most people don't realize how many great cocktails can be made from just a few simple ingredients."

This coaster is designed to help them learn how to do it. The Barsys coaster is going to be launched in December with a suggested price of $149, but the company is taking preorders for $95.

There's no news on whether we'll see the Barsys coaster outside the US yet, but fingers crossed it comes across the pond to Europe.

Would you like help with your cocktail making skills from a coaster?

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