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Dinner light, sleep better

And also improve your health.

When I grew up, my dinner was an smaller portion of whatever I had for lunch but I never gave it a double thought until later on life I wanted to get fit. My objective was to gain weight and when I went to the nutritionist for advice I realize many, many things wrong with how and when I eat but the one I notice the most was dinner. I went from having a full meal to just oatmeal drink with some cereals or just a small ham and cheese sandwich and it not only helped me to achieve my fitness goal but also, to sleep better.

The thing about this "tip" is that it isn't a secret because with common sense, I should've figured it out.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

When we go to sleep, our body is supposed to rest but if we ingest a large amount of food or "greasy food", it's going to be busy digesting .

Also, it's recommendable to dinner two and a half hours before we go to sleep, so our body have time to digest whatever we had for dinner and will be working instead of just relaxing.

Of course, before taking any advice from people of the internet, consult your doctor or nutritionist but I hope this helps you to get that good night sleep you deserve or your fitness goals!

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