Dinner on the grill: Marinated boneless thighs and cheesy veg

Jane Fyffe posted in BBQ
42w ago

The best thing about cast iron cookware is you can toss it on the grill too. There is no need to fire up the stove/oven along with the grill when you have cast iron, just cook it all on the grill. Let's start with the meat. I used some boneless thighs that I let marinate in some Texas bold rub, soy sauce and a little barbeque sauce. In the pan is a broccoli and cauliflower mixed with cream of mushroom and some shredded cheese. This turned out great. It was very tasty and I will have to remember that marinade cause that was very enjoyable. I wish we had a BBQTribe to post this to, because you can't cook like this on the stove.

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