- You can make pasta with just three ingredients, which is great during lockdown!

DIY spelt pasta recipe

No dried pasta? No conventional flour? No eggs? No worries.

40w ago

As the great UK flour and pasta shortages of 2020 continue with no end in sight, my partner and I scoured our local supermarket for plain, wholewheat and even semolina flour in an attempt to make our own pasta – all to no avail. Then we noticed the Holland & Barrett strapped onto the side of the store and thought we'd give that a shot instead.

Due to its numerous health benefits, spelt flour has been on health shop shelves for a while –and they still had a few bags left when we arrived. At £2.49 a kilo it wasn't cheap but, hey, extraordinary times and all that. Once home, I knocked up a batch of spelt pasta and it worked out well. Expect a pasta with a similar bite to wholemeal, although a bit more grainy.

Here's how to make and store your own spelt pasta, even if you've no eggs and no pasta machine.

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  • Spelt is a bit pricey but it's good, especially in sourdough bread, though. Half strong(UK)/bread(US) flour, half spelt. I've had a hard time finding it even normally, though, much less in quarantine.

      9 months ago