Do you like chips in your sammiches? – The Emirati flavor

A take on the Emirati fast food culture

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Sammich? What is a sammich you’re asking yourself? Well, Sammich is a term reserved for the most heavenly, top-tier sandwiches or burgers out there!

Here in the UAE, we have a different way of adding style, flavour & crunch to a Sammich! Yes, it's the Emirati way. Emirati? That's a citizen or inhabitant of the UAE, who has more sand than blood in their body and always, let me repeat always, would go hammer on the craziest combination of fast food or even desserts with a side of overloaded sweetness!

Now let’s get into how the Emirati look at their fast food.

Dubai has a fairly old tradition to add some spicy chips in their rolls and sandwiches. It is in recent years where they have taken it from regular spicy chips, to Flaming Hot Cheetos.

From Mac ’n' cheese to sushi, everything in Dubai gets topped off with a dash of Flaming Hot Cheetos, and of course, how can we forget the mighty burgers that we health-conscious people binge on every once in a while.

There are numerous such restaurants in the UAE where you can get your hands on and a tummy full with these fantastic Emirati creations.

Pioneers like @findsalt make a really perfect pair of burgers stuffed with Cheetos and a lip-smacking crispy chicken patty topped with cheddar cheese! You can also pair your burgers with some crispy loaded fries and to really finish off your meal and satisfy your sweet tooth, get a serving of soft-serve ice cream topped with lotus sauce and crumbs.

@weareburger28, with its first outlet in Abu Dhabi, is a total game-changer in the fast-food industry! This place completely changed the concept of whacky burgers, from dipping your burger in a cheese fondue to meat loaded burgers topped with Cheetos & other unimaginable combinations! Don’t worry Dubai peeps, they have recently opened shop in Nad al Hammar where you can “honk for a burger”, and voila, burgers & fries in your car. Heads up, Alcantara & cheese don’t go so well! So show up with your unique vehicles and honk – you might even get some fame on their Instagram page!

During my visit, I tried some of their bestsellers like the Nar, Arbab & mushroom & Swiss slider. These burgers, at first glance, looked tiny for my appetite, but their sweet potato bun which is made in-house surely does fill you up! Coming to the taste and the consistent crunch from the Emirati twist, every bite was perfect and full of flavour.

All in All @findsalt & @weareburger28 have fused the Emirati twist very well with the modern-day burgers or sliders. Anyone visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi has to try burgers from one of these places, or you would really miss a piece of the Arab youth culture.

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