Do you like takeaway food? Jamie Oliver wants to get you on TV

You might have thought take out food was your downfall, but it might just be your golden ticket

1y ago

Who doesn't love a good takeaway? Perfect if you come home from an insanely busy day and can't even look at the oven. Or you've had a long drive and happen to pass the takeaway place to get home. Maybe you just want someone else to make you a really good curry. You can't beat it, and I am all of these people.

Deep down, I think we are all these people. That's why we all need to think about whether we want to get on the TV, because Food God Jamie Oliver has called upon us...

Jamie isn't exactly known for his promotion of unhealthy habits (like take-out consumption) and, sadly, he isn't about to change that. Much as we would love to just be on the TV getting the best food, this is not that show. He does however want to help you make food that's just as good and will stop you wanting to phone your local pizzeria quite so frequently.

Some of us need that. Some of us even want that! So if you're still reading, you might be inclined to return his call!

The plan is to take people who hate cooking and turn them into the kind of people who can rustle up a delightful dish with anything they have knocking about the kitchen.

The application is not particularly scary. A few questions about you, what you like to eat, what you buy at the supermarket, and what you'd like to change about your kitchen. Speaking of which, the request for a photo of your kitchen suggests he might want to pop round, and there is a good chance he will bring a film crew – something to consider!

Is this for you or someone you know? Let us know in the comments!

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