Do you put milk in before or after the water?

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2y ago

This is perhaps the most argued question in the history of tea making. Whether you put the milk in the cup before or after the hot water? When I first started drinking tea I was always taught to put the milk in first but nowadays I do it the other way around as it feels more natural and you can gauge the colour a bit better, but am I doing it wrong?

I was watching an episode of James May's Man Lab and he made a very good point on the matter. The episode was about creating a method to stop you forgetting about your hot tea and letting it go cold but moved onto a heated debate on when to put your milk in the mug.

James provided us with a very well thought out answer as to why he puts the milk in first. He explained that if you have a large volume of tea and then add the milk it is scolded by the tea. This is something I had never thought of before but he is right, but what if you do it the other way around?

Well, his method of putting the milk in first seems to make more sense. James explained that if the milk is in the cup first and the tea is added to it gradually, it heats it up gently so doesn’t change the molecular structure of the milk and then supposedly tastes better.

Which do you do?

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