D​oes Anyone Here Eat Organic?

I​ had a bit of a culture shock tonight. I went with my family to our neighbors house, we were invited to their housewarming bonfire. The kicker? They were Amish. Very sweet people, they are newlyweds. Me being from the city, and never experienced anything like this, I admit I felt out of place. But they made us feel welcomed and their hospitality was beautiful. The owners of the land are farmers, and they grow everything from cauliflower to collard greens. They gave my brother two huge bags of their collard greens, pictured here. I have never seen collard greens this huge before. The owner says he sells all of his vegetables wholesale, and they are 100% organic. . , and I’ll report back on how they tasted. . So my question is, do you prefer organic? While you think about that, I’m gonna enjoy watching my brother cut these up and cook them, because I damn sure ain’t. Pretty greens though right?

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  • to be fair, there's not much of a difference between GMO'd food and organic.

      2 years ago