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Does Coca Cola contain cocaine?

Early Coca Cola contained cocaine but does it still?

Ben K posted in Drinks
1y ago

A good place to start is with a little know company in St. Louis by the name of Mallinckrodt Inc. Mallinckrodt Inc. is the only company in the United States licensed to purify or extract cocaine from coca leaves. Mallinckrodt Inc gets their coca leaves from another little known company by the name of Stepan Laboratory in Maywood, NJ who is the nations only legal commercial importer of coca leaves. The formula for Coca-Cola is locked in a bank vault at SunTrust Bank in downtown Atlanta. For years people have speculated as to whether or not Coca Cola still may contain cocaine and be in some part responsible to it's cult like following.

According to a New York Times article July 1, 1988 Randy Donaldson at the Atlanta headquarters confirmed by phone that Coca Cola does still contain ingredients from the coca leaf. ''Ingredients from the coca leaf are used, but there is no cocaine in it and it is all tightly overseen by regulatory authorities.''

With this we can start to put the pieces together and we come to a quandry something like the famous, what the definition of "IS" is? After cocaine is extracted and purified for medicinal use what is left then goes on to be processed into they syrup found in modern Coca Cola. This still leaves the standing question of just how much cocaine is left in those leaves after processing and then what if any level of cocaine goes on to be added into the modern day Coca Cola which is shipped to more than 150 countries around the world.

This then leads me to the most scientific process that I can come up with to finally determine once and for all if cocaine is indeed an ingredient in modern day Coca Cola. Yes you guessed it a poll. Please vote in the poll below so we can determine if you believe Coca Cola still contains cocaine as the scientific answer is no but still could contain some wiggle room and will no doubt rage on for many years to come.

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  • It would explain my Coca-Cola addiction, but I’m gonna say no... and drink another glass. Wow. Refreshing. I feel invincible. I think I’ll have another glass. Wow. Amazing. Hey, Ben, how is it going? Wanna try some Coca-Cola?

      1 year ago
    • Somehow I read that statement much faster than I normally would have

        1 year ago
  • Does anyone else in the US think Mexican coke is far superior to American coke?

      1 year ago
    • Is Mexican Coke not what they sold in the UK very briefly as this?

      If so then no, if not then I've yet to find out.

      But either way I can agree that this stuff was awful... and I miss the proper Vanilla Coke

      Read more
        1 year ago
    • No that’s definitely not Mexican coke.

        1 year ago
  • WEEEEEE!!!! 😂

      1 year ago
  • It was taken out in 1901 I collected Coca Cola

      1 year ago
  • I think not... but to be sure, find a cocaine addict and "humanely withdraw" them.

    After I don't know, five days, give them a big bottle of Coke straight from the fridge.

    If they drink it all immediately and no longer show symptoms of withdrawal, then you'd have made a scientific breakthrough for mankind and earned yourself... a conviction for kidnapping no doubt but still, science.


      1 year ago
    • PS-: Questions do need to be asked about Coca-Colas new energy drink. Perhaps THAT is where the cocaine goes!

        1 year ago