Donne di Mare, fish home delivery

In Sicily, even small fishermen have decided to organize the sale through the home delivery.

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Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Even small fishers have decided to organize the sale through the home delivery.

It is an initiative of the Donne di Mare (Women of the Sea) Association, which brings together 12 professionals from the scientific, legal, social, culinary and fishing fields, created to support the niche fishing sector.

One of the association's projects was to guarantee the delivery of the daily catch, directly from the boat to the home kitchen, without intermediation. The Covid-19 emergency acted as an accelerator.

It is an old custom: to go to the pier to wait for the fishermen to return with a load of fish, to buy them directly from them. A ritual that kept, economically speaking, this small slice of the fishing sector.


With the delivery initiative titled "Poor Fish to whom?", Donne di Mare tries to bring the end consumer closer to the individual fisherman. It means activating a consumer circuit that supports healthy cultural, social and environmental practices. It means enhancing the fish biodiversity of the place, the nutritional qualities and the taste of poor fish.

With home delivery, the hope is to ensure less valued fish species, snubbed by the broad market, their space on the table.

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