Doritos has launched a... Strawberries & Cream flavour?!

Is this a great idea for a crisps flavour?

6w ago

Some food companies have been experimenting with some... interesting flavours recently. We've seen Pizza Hut's Roast Dinner pizza, and Fanta's mystery flavour drink. But Doritos has turned around and said, 'hold my beer'.

The new flavour in question is none other than Strawberries and Cream, which for a crisp flavour, is pretty darn brave. The company announced this latest flavour via Instagram and the comments are interesting to say the least.

We did check to see whether it was 1 April all over again.

We're not entirely sure we want to give it a go, but if you do then make sure to share your experience with them here on FoodTribe.

Would you try this?

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