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Down the Rabbit Hole in Marylebone

Restaurant Review: Daisy Green, Portman Village.

2y ago

Don’t be fooled by their chocolate box exterior, this restaurant is like falling down the rabbit hole. Born from Australian roots, Daisy Green is just one of a family of nine sites across London.

I had been trudging last this restaurant for many years, thinking it was just a very cute and family friendly coffee shop slap bang in the middle of central London’s Marylebone; and I am gutted I have not visited sooner.

I was utterly charmed by the concept as soon as I walked in which is mostly down to their charming staff. They have a wonderful family energy that you can help but carried away with The artwork lining the walls are eye popping and ignite conversation wondrously and give this labyrinth a real story to tell.

The food is unbelievable - every single dish will feed your need to photography and document your culinary journey. I genuinely could have eaten anything on the menu. And I did, on my second and third visit.

But on my first visit I went for the bacon sandwich which was startlingly good, my friend hit the pancakes, followed by immediate food envy from me.

I can’t wait to return again. They absolutely smashed it, not just that avocado.


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  • All coffee cups should have that much character!

      2 years ago