- T​his is not art. This is a monstrous carbuncle.

Draw beanz, win prize

A​rt is its own reward, or so it's said. But not here.

1y ago

Right then quizzers, it’s time for double art with Mr May.

Y​our challenge is simple. You must produce an artwork – pencil sketch, oil on canvas, digital – themed around the enduring modern-art motif of a tin o' beanz. The best one, judged by an independent panel of me, wins a crap prize: a personalised video message from James May (also me).*

T​he judge will be especially impressed by entries that emulate well-known stylistic movements from the history of art, such as impressionism, pointillism, or the work of the German painting group Der Beanz Reiter.

S​pecial consideration will also be given to submissions that allude to, or parody, existing and iconic artworks that have shaped our perception of the visual world, such as Rembrandt's 'The Night Beanz', Monet's 'Beanz Field', or Vincent Van Gogh's 'Beanz'. Or that thing Andy Warhol did with Campbell's meat balls, but with beanz.

To enter: post a picture of your, er, picture here on FoodTribe, and hashtag it #JamesMaypubquiz for your chance to win.

Good luck. Not that you need luck. You need talent. Wash your hands before and after handling artist's materials, and any time you have a spare moment.

*I will say most things within reason, as long as it's legal and not insanely offensive. Also, if I decide I don’t want to say it, for whatever other reason, I’m not saying it. Other than that, anything goes. But it's up to me.

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