Dress (your table) to impress: The best deals on glassware

Some of the best deals out there on glassware that will finish off your table

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The dinner party

Picture this: You've been preparing food all day, the house smells absolutely glorious. You've cleaned and tidied so everything looks perfect. You spent 30 minutes in the shop trying to decide which wines to buy and you didn't leave till you were sure they would match the food. You've put on your finery and are looking the part and your guests arrive, each as impressed with the effort as the next...

That is, until you pour them a drink, each with a different version of a supermarket's basic £2.99 tumblers. It might not be enough to ruin the evening, but certainly enough to kill the look of your exquisite dining table and have the guests all exchanging bemused glances. It will not do!

Too much? Ok, how about this...

You just want all your glasses to match and don't want to spend a fortune!

Both these scenarios need the same solution, and we are here to deliver it.

Highball glasses

These look great on the table for guests to drink water or soft drinks from, but they are also great, plain everyday glasses, as well as being pretty spot on for a G+T. We love how simple and elegant these ones look, making them ideal for any occasion. At £18.99 for a set of 6, you can't go far wrong.

Get yours now.

Whisky tumbler

Few things look more sophisticated than a whisky tumbler with a good measure of Scotland's finest. Of course, you don't have to have whisky in it but, why wouldn't you!

You can go super classic with this intricate crystal set of two (£24.95) or, for a more contemporary look, these elegant double walled glasses, from the same company (£24.95) are guaranteed to impress.

Wine glasses

If you are having people over, there is a good chance you are having wine. If you're not having people over, maybe there is still a good chance you are having wine – and that's ok! Why not do it in style and be prepared for all occasions with this beautiful crystal set of 6 for £16.99.

Gin glasses

Everyone is drinking gin now, it's just the way it is! And if you are drinking gin, you really ought to be doing it from a gorgeous gin glass. These will do just nicely and are available as a set of 2 or a set of 6. If you'd rather go stemless and a little edgy, they have those in the range too. At £21.99 for the set of 6, look no further!

The 'all in one' option

Too many clicks, too many decisions... you just want a gorgeous matching set that will accommodate everyone. We hear you and...here it is. Classic crystal glassware that wouldn't be out of place in the display cabinet of a stately home, all at a price you absolutely will not believe. This 24 piece set has whisky glasses, highball glasses, wine glasses and Champagne flutes – 6 of each. The time saving option that will still impress, all for £58.99.

Finishing touch?

Have you noticed that in movies, they never pour their whisky from the bottle? Not a Johnnie Walker label in site. I'm sure it's an unwillingness to insert some accidental product placement, but it might just be the level of class you're looking to bring to the table.

Well, Amazon have that covered as well with a range of crystal decanters so you can choose something that really fits your style. We chose this one to complement our 'all in one' option and we couldn't believe the price.

How fancy (or not) is your glassware? Let us know in the comments!

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