Drink your way to good health: two smoothie recipes fit for a supermodel

Cindy Crawford and Reese Witherspoon share their favourite smoothie recipes for kickstarting the morning with a burst of energy

33w ago

Cindy Crawford is not only known for her extraordinarily successful modelling career, but also for her svelte, toned physique, and lush mane of hair. The supermodel attributes much of her health, beauty, energy, vitality and youthfulness to her diet, which includes starting the morning with a fresh, green smoothie.

Her favourite at-home green smoothie is packed with phytonutrients from spinach and mint, protein, minerals and vitamins from the protein powder and superfood powder blend, and owes its smooth and creamy texture to the added frozen banana and almond milk. The cacao nibs also provide some sweetness to balance out all the flavours.

To increase the antioxidant and fibre load of the smoothie, consider adding some kale and broccoli. For some healthy fat, consider adding in some avocado or flaxseeds.

Reese Witherspoon also has a favourite green smoothie that she drinks every morning to start her day. She also emphasises that the secret ingredient to her delicious and healthy smoothie is – dancing! Talk about a surefire way to jumpstart your morning.

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