- A​ 6-Pack of Paulaner Spezi.

#​DrinkChallenge 2: What is Spezi

S​omething non Alcoholic, yet very nice.

3w ago

D​id you know that Fanta was actually invented in Germany during World War 2, because Coca Cola did not want to ,and also could not, ship Syrup to Germany?

W​ell, this has nothing to do with that, except for when you know what a Spezi is. Coke calls their Version MezzoMix, and it is okay. It also tastes way to sweet though.

A​ single Bottle.

A​ single Bottle.

S​o I was happy when I discovered Paulaner Spezi a while ago. Because yes, this was not my first Bottle of it. While the Sugar Content is still exorbitant, at around 9grams per 100ml, it does actually not taste overly sweet.

T​his Spezi, like a few others, has a more Zesty, almost Tart Flavour to it. It actually is the best tasting Variety I ever tasted myself. Except for maybe this one, but that is harder to come by where I live.

M​e drinking some Spezi;)

M​e drinking some Spezi;)

S​o to answer the age old Question: What is Spezi? Why do you like it?

W​ell... it is Cola with Orange. And it just tastes good. It also reminds me of my Childhood somewhat, even though we were pretty much never allowed any. That makes it easily mixed at Home as well.

S​pezi combines the best of both Flavours. It is unique, yet so ubitiqous that it does not even have another Name in most Cases. Except for maybe Fritz MIschMasch, which is also very good, or Cola MezzoMix.

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