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#​DrinkChallenge 3: I kinda like Vanilla Coke

T​he Challenge is over, so here is the Aftershow.

6w ago

B​efore you say it: Yes. I know John C's Challenge is over. I even got featured in it with my German Spezi. That was nice.

But after every 'Awards Ceremony' comes the Aftershow. So here it is. And it might be a controversial one.

It seems that pretty much forever, the Cola Wars have been raging on. Usually, Battles are fought between Coca Cola and Pepsi. Sometimes, other Brands like Dr Pepper get added into the Mix. T​he only one of those I actually do not like being regular Pepsi.

U​sually, there are different Variations of all those Colas out there as well. Like Cherry Coke. Or Raspberry Pepsi. Normally, I do not go for those Versions.

S​o yummy.

S​o yummy.

A​ while ago, I then accidentally picked up Vanilla Coke. And I do not mean the Video Game Ver for a regular boring Version.

I​ mean Coca Cola with some Vanilla Taste in it. And it is awesome. Of Course there is way to much Sugar in it, but sometimes that does not Matter.

I​ might be weird, but I kinda like Vanilla Coke. But I think the Zero Version is absolutely disgusting. It feels like I can taste the Asparthame in that. I have no Problems with Regular Zero, or even Sprite Zero though. In Fact, I prefer those Version.



S​o now I am wondering: What is your favourite Cola? Might it even be Dr Pepper or RC? Let us settle this Debate once and for all.

A​nd yes, I know this Attempt of Ending the Cola Wars will be Futile, maybe even in Vain. But it will be Fun, so let us get on with it.

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