- A​ Can of Cider.

#DrinkChallenge: T​rying a different Cider.

A​nything for a Challenge.

4w ago

F​irst Things first: No, this was not actually my first Taste of Cider. I had some original Swedish Rekorderlig in different Variations before. I had never tried Danish Cider though, so it was indeed new to me.

A​ few Days ago, I spotted several Falvours of Somersby at the Supermarket I used to work at, and I decided to get a few Cans of Blackberry.

T​he same Can.

T​he same Can.

S​omersby, according to their Website just started to produce Apple Cider in 2008, so they are a fairly young Brand, but their Cider tastes really good.

The Blackberry Version is kinda Dry, but also very Fruity indeed. My first swig was a little weird, but the second one grew on me. By my third sip I was in love. And that might become a Problem, because the Cans are 'Pfandfrei', which means that I can not return them to the Store.

A​nd I really hate it for good Aluminum to go to waste. That really is not nice. I am still going to get more.

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