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Drinking gin and vodka with edible gold 😱

1y ago
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Ivana Ciabatti is a luxury brand that specializes in gin, vodka, olive oil and chocolates with edible gold flakes in them. Coincidentally, they're actually based around 90 miles from where I live but I only found out about them at Top Marques in Monaco. I had the chance to try their chocolates and their gin and vodka. I think i can just be honest and admit that the edible gold flakes don't contribute to taste or texture. It is basically just a gimmick. The way I see it, I probably wouldn't privately buy bottles for my home but I'd definitely do it for my restaurant.

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Comments (3)

  • Goldschlager, lots of it in the '90s

      1 year ago
    • yeah the idea is not new. I've seen "edible" gold being used in foods and drinks on several different occasions. At the end of the day, it has very little to do with actual sustenance and a lot to do with marketing

        1 year ago
  • have you ever tried any food with edible gold? @tribe

      1 year ago