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Drinking gin is good for the NHS

Gin producer Top Beverages has pledged to give the NHS its ultimate support

1y ago

As Covid-19 battles on, so does its arch rival: the National Health Service. Despite ongoing determination to ruin the system, the virus has not managed to bring UK healthcare to a halt. This is partly thanks to the generosity and ingenuity of businesses.

From hotels offering complimentary meals to health workers, to supermarkets giving NHS staff special access to their stores, the response from companies has been widespread and significant.

Alcohol manufacturers have also thrown their schemes into play with many switching production from booze to hand sanitiser. However, one British company – Top Beverages – is offering far more conventional (but equally necessary) assistance.

The gin maker, which sells an original range of alcoholic products containing Cannabidiol, has promised to donate one hundred percent of the money made from its gin sales direct to the NHS. The start-up has so far created three gins: Classic Gin, Super Gin and Bloody Mary Gin.

The co-founder of Top Beverages, Nicholas Pullen, said that he hoped other producers of craft spirits would follow his company’s lead and offer similar generous contributions to the health service.

With such bold commitments being pledged by a relatively young and small business, perhaps companies of even greater financial gravitas and with further resources can be convinced to back a national effort to honour the NHS in economic, as well as respectful, ways.

Will you be supporting Top Beverages’ NHS campaign?

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  • Yes, I do what I can - support the nhs- a Gin for today 🥳

      1 year ago