- Photograph credit: General Mills.

Dunkaroos are definitely coming back this summer

90s kids rejoice...

1y ago

After being discontinued in 2012, Dunkaroos are coming back to the shelves this summer.

The graham cookie with chocolate or vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles made it the sweet treat of choice for many 90s kids.

General Mills who make Dunkaroos released a blog post announcing that the sweet snack will return to the shelves in the summer and will come in their most loved flavour - Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with rainbow sprinkles. Since being discontinued in the US in 2012, Dunkaroos continued to be available in Canada.

Photograph credit: General Mills

Photograph credit: General Mills

Dunkaroos have set up their Twitter and Instagram accounts quietly and yet have gone viral on both. Celebrities like Marshmellow, Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Gilles, Chrissy Teigan, Frankie Muniz, TV host Lilly Singh, rapper Tyler, The Creator and Sports guys at Barstool Sports have all expressed their love for the snack online.

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