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Easter Bunny is a key worker in New Zealand

The government has moved to reassure residents that the Easter Bunny is free to roam to this weekend

1y ago

If you are a viewer of the major media organisations you could be forgiven for believing that the condition of the world at the moment is permanent ruin and that utter despondency is the only way to manage inevitable doom.

However, it turns out that novel light-heartedness and reassurance is still available beneath the smog of dread, waiting in eager anticipation to spring out and spread the relief of pure comfort.

It may be unusual for the source of one such event to eminate from the dusk of politics, but a virtual visit to New Zealand reveals such an amazement.

During a recent news conference about the ongoing Covid-19 virus, New Zealand’s prime minister announced that the Easter Bunny had been given crucial key worker status, allowing the Bunny to travel across the country delivering eggs on Easter Sunday.

Confirming the Easter Bunny’s importance, Jacinda Ardern made clear that although the Bunny has the right to roam New Zealand, it may struggle to get to every household, as it has its own family to look after. The PM also clarified that the Tooth Fairy would be covered by the essential worker title.

On her Instagram account, the prime minister has been encouraging children to colour in their own Easter egg drawings and showcase them on windows so that other kids in their communities can take part in Easter egg hunts (albeit paper ones).

Donald Trump is believed to be especially interested in the colouring in competition, providing someone shows him which way round to hold the crayons.

It looks like Easter Sunday is the time to clap for the Easter Bunny.

How excited are you for Easter?

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Comments (5)

  • Same in Ontario here now :)

      1 year ago
  • Thats so adorable..I love it

      1 year ago
    • Yes... a politician in-touch with the public - who'd have thought it?!

        1 year ago
  • This is good leadership, I loved seeing this

      1 year ago