Easter eggs deemed 'non-essential' by virus enforcers

Convenience shops have been challenged for stocking Easter eggs. How can anyone suggest these are non-essential?

1y ago

Convenience shops are facing interference for stocking Easter eggs, as some officials insist that only the bare essentials be made available.

A few shops in various regions of the country have been told to chuck the chocolate eggs and bin the bunnies, but the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) say that this is beyond the pale.

The ACS has dubbed these actions – undertaken by "heavy-handed" officials – as an “overzealous enforcement and a misreading of the rules”, the BBC reports.

Retail analyst Richard Hyman went further: this decision to police the stock choices in local shops is, "quite frankly, [...] bonkers".

Banning Easter eggs certainly seems extreme. Everything worth getting excited for has been cancelled, and most of the things that make life fun (socializing, travel, eating out, you name it) has been banned.

While I fully support these decisions (stay at home, folks), it seems unnecessarily pedantic to deprive us of one of the few harmless frivolities that remain. Easter eggs are just... fun. Their hollow cavity contains so many associations with the childhood joys of egg hunts and gluttonous chocolate consumption. Why take that away from us during these hard times?

The best argument for banning them is to clear space for other, more essential items. People who want chocolate can still buy conventional chocolate, which is far more space efficient than a hollow, elaborately packaged egg.

Also, the government don't want people making trips out to the shops to buy things they don't really need. However, this argument is easily addressed; most people would buy Easter eggs as part of a bigger shop, so they'd be in the shop anyway.

Many people have taken to social media to express their frustrations. They see this as a step towards a totalitarian, almost Orwellian policing strategy. If we're honest, some of these responses are bordering on extreme.

Of course, Easter eggs aren't just a fun way to welcome the spring season in. They're attached to one of the most important Christian festivals of the year. As a result, some people, like the lady below, are under the impression that their religion is under attack.

Fortunately, an ACS spokesman told the BBC that “only a few members” had faced this “heavy-handed” approach, adding: “We hope that it’s ended there.”

The association said that if any retailers continued to face interference, they should get in contact and provide the name of the local authority or police force and officer, so that the association could follow up with them.

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  • Noooooooooo!,we must have Easter Eggs,it’s simply the law at Easter!it will soothe our souls😱🙏🏻XX

      1 year ago
  • Those motherfuckers are stupid. Stay the fuck at home.

      1 year ago